Photos from last years Maths in Surveying Day

Using high tech survey gear to set out a mathematical seed pattern

Surveyors using RTK GPS to set out the seed pattern

Using trig heighting to calculate the height of a tower

Using similar triangles to calculate the height of the Peace Monument

Similar triangles exercise

Similar triangles exercise

3D modelling of a tower using close range photogrammetry

The close range photogrammetry session. In the foreground is a prism used in the trig heighting exercise

The hedge mapping exercise, including calculation of area, intersection of lines and arcs

Hedge mapping exercise

Mapping a mystery object

CAD demonstration of miniCAD5 program

Observing daylight stars

Explaining how to use a sundial and determine true north using the sun

Historic survey equipment display - how surveyors used to do it

History of Surveying exhibit

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